Täällä Voitaa
The general logo of Täällä Voitaa
Genre Song contest
Created by Jooseppi Gabriel Rautio
Developed by Jooseppi Gabriel Rautio
Written by Hanna Partanen
Directed by Arvo Laukkanen
Creative director(s) Samuli Harmaajärvi
Presented by Various
Opening theme Winner song from previous edition
Country of origin Flag of Finland.png Finland
Language(s) Finnish
Location(s) Various
Running time About 1 month
Original channel YLE
Original run 25/02/2017 – 06/01/2018
Editions 3
Number of songs 17
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E-mail josega_psm@hotmail.com

Täällä Voitaa, is a song contest in ESCT, where Finland chooses its entry for the contest. The current and official Täällä Voitaa developer is the Finnish Jooseppi Gabriel Rautio.

About the contest

Täällä Voitaa is a contest where Finland decides their representative in ESCT. The first edition was held the 25th of February 2017. The supervisor was Jooseppi Gabriel Rautio. The contest is created for choose a song and singer for represent Finland in ESCT. Each singer of Finland can send an entry for the competition and if it win, he have to represent Finland.

The first edition was hosted in Helsinki, the capital city. It started in 25/02/2017. It was organized for ESCT #26 after the last edition of the previous national final, Offorden Suomen Festivalen.


Main Rules

  1. The singer can be from any part of Finland (or related to the country).
  2. The participants may only present a song.
  3. The participants must send a song sung in any language.
  4. The singer has to be older than 15 years old.
  5. The songs that appeared in previous editions can not be selected.
  6. ESCT songs are not allowed to participate.
  7. The same singer can participate unlimited times in different editions.
  8. Covers songs from amateurs singers can't participate in the competition.
  9. Every person can vote in the competition sending its votes in televoting.
  10. There will be an international jury formed by different European countries.
  11. The winner will be the one who achieve the most points received from voters.
  12. The winner have to represent the country in the next ESCT edition.
  13. Entries with the official videoclip with more than 50.000.000 of views are not allowed.

Competition Story

Ed. Final Date Venue City ESCT ed. Presenter(s)
#1 25th Mar 2017 Hartwall Areena Helsinki #26 Toppi Latukka and Hanna Pakarinen
#2 24th Nov 2017 Hakametsä Tampere #28 Krista Siegfrids and Toppi Latukka
#3 06th Jan 2018 HK Arena Turku #29 Krista Siegfrids


Ed. City Winner Song Pts. Final Pts. Semi Pts.
#1 Helsinki Saara "California" 34 17º 95 Big 5
#2 Tampere Haloo Helsinki! "Hulluuden highway" 14 16º 93 75
#3 Turku Saara ft. Jillionaire "All the love" 80 15º 89 72

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