ESCT Second Chance Contest
Also known as ESCT
Genre Song contest
Created by Flag of Spain Alejandro Ramírez
Presented by Various
Theme music composer Marc-Antoine Charpentier
Opening theme Winner country from previous edition
Country of origin Spain
Language(s) English and Spanish
Location(s) Host Cities
Running time About 2 weeks
Original run June 2017 – present
Related Eurovision Song Contest Tengaged
Editions 8
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Group site Official Channel
The ESCT Second Chance Contest, is a song contest organized by fans and delegations of the Eurovision Song Contest Tengaged since June 2017. The contest is produced by Alejandro Ramírez.


The contest takes place during and after the ESCT edition, with non-winning songs which have been featured in the national finals of the previous ESCT edition.


To participate in the contest, it is required to have a public national selection held for the respective ESCT edition. Every delegation can only have one entry. The song can be only selected internally and cannot be changed after it was selected. The selected song must be from the final of the selection unless the selection has not the format of the semi-finals and final. The songs that participated in the contest cannot re-enter the country's national final.


The voting stays open for less than a week. Only the participating delegations can vote while the non-participating delegations can vote as well but as part of the "Rest of the World".


This is the list with the editions in which every country made their début:

Ed. Country making its début entry
#26 Flag of Armenia Armenia, Flag of Austria Austria, Flag of Croatia Croatia, Flag of Finland Finland, Flag of Germany Germany, Flag of Hungary Hungary, Flag of Israel Israel, Flag of Lithuania Lithuania, Flag of Netherlands Netherlands, Flag of Slovakia Slovakia, Flag of Sweden Sweden, Flag of Switzerland Switzerland
#27 Flag of Andorra Andorra, Flag of Estonia Estonia, Flag of Luxembourg Luxembourg, Flag of Monaco Monaco, Flag of Poland Poland
#28 Flag of France France, Flag of Greece Greece, Flag of Norway Norway, Flag of San Marino San Marino, Flag of Turkey Turkey, Flag of Ukraine Ukraine
#29 Flag of Belarus Belarus, Flag of Iceland Iceland, Flag of Macedonia Macedonia, Flag of Montenegro Montenegro, Flag of Romania Romania, Flag of Russia Russia
#30 Flag of Cyprus Cyprus, Flag of Italy Italy, Flag of Moldova Moldova
#32 Flag of Slovenia Slovenia
#33 Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom


Ed. Host Winner Artist Song Points Runner-Up Third Place
#26 Flag of Israel Tel Aviv Flag of Finland Finland Emma Circle Of Light 98 Flag of Netherlands Netherlands Flag of Lithuania Lithuania
#27 Flag of Netherlands Rotterdam Flag of Netherlands Netherlands Démira Dragons 99 Flag of Andorra Andorra Flag of Luxembourg Luxembourg
#28 Flag of Netherlands Amsterdam Flag of San Marino San Marino Roshelle Body Adi 111 Flag of Netherlands Netherlands Flag of France France
#29 Flag of France Nice Flag of Lithuania Lithuania Paula How The Hell You
Can Fight It?
109 Flag of France France Flag of Russia Russia
#30 Flag of Lithuania Kaunas Flag of Moldova Moldova Lidia Buble Camasa 116 Flag of Hungary Hungary Flag of France France
#31 Flag of Moldova Soroca Flag of France France Aöme Mille Couronnes 120 Flag of Italy Italy Flag of Andorra Andorra
#32 Flag of France Lyon Flag of Russia Russia Iolite Bad Behavior 143 Flag of Iceland Iceland Flag of Israel Israel
#33 Flag of Iceland Reykjavík Flag of Israel Israel Eden Better 139 Flag of Iceland Iceland Flag of Austria Austria

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